Managed Money

There are target date funds, allocation funds and managed models that are offered as choices inside 401k plans. The question is which is the right path for your company. Target Date funds (TDF) are popular, but historically do not perform as well. Often, your age is not the appropriate representation of your risk, and this may drive employees to choose a different TDF, which defeats the purpose. Allocations funds are another type of product that are risk based and have higher fees (.25% -.75%), but are not customizable to the employee’s needs and are static in their allocations.

Granite Group’s solution is to provide a more personal experience. Granite provides managed models which are comprised from the plans fund line up, so the employee does not have to make an allocation on their own. As a 3(38) investment fiduciary to the plan, there are no management fees to the models (saving .25%-.75%); and the employee can choose which one is right for them personally. An additional benefit is the employee does not need to hire additional advice givers which can save the employee up .60% (60bps) on balances of 250,000 or less.

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