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Reduced Liabilities

Employee liabilities related to a 401k plan are reduced significantly, as GGA acts as a 3(38) or 3(21) Plan Fiduciary.

Simplified Operations

Investment decision making is lifted. GGA operates as an “overlay” on top of existing service providers, while offering plan design suggestions and assisting with vendor evaluation and search processes.

Decreased Costs

Reduced costs from finding the least expensive mutual fund share class and providing you with a total cost analyst. All fees are transparent.

Educated Employees

A personal education site provided for exclusive use by your employees. We also manage enrollment meetings so your employees can understand their plans and make better decisions.

Better Investments

A private client experience for your employees with rigorous quantitative and qualitative criteria that select managers that will have a much better financial outcome while taking less risk at a lower price point. 

Optimized Allocations  

Allocation guidance for your employees with our easy-to-use online tool and mobile app developed from our nearly 20-year history of managing wealth.

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